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“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop” - Confucius -


Tae Kwon Do(“TKD”) is action philosophy. It is a traditional Korean martial art which translated literally means “the way of the hand and the foot (self-defense).” It is much more than the image of martial arts physical aspect. It is designed as a nonviolent art and system of complete body exercise as well as being a way of life. It includes physical techniques, mental disciplines, and a deep philosophy. By practicing Tae Kwon Do one can benefit in these ways: 1. Physically – One can develop good coordination, gain strength, increase flexibility, and improve cardiovascular conditioning. From all these physical practices one can have a strong body. 2. Mentally - One can build self-confidence, gain better judgment, and improve self-control. From all these mental disciplines, one can have a sound mind.3. Philosophically – While developing a strong body and a sound mind, it is also appropriate to learn the valuable philosophical tools and lessons offered by the Tae Kwon Do philosophy.